Soft Targets (2015-2017) is a series of hand-dyed, printed, and sewn sculptures that reference changing conceptions of military targets, vulnerability and security. Our target patterns incorporate geometric designs first used in Islamic art and architecture hundreds of years ago.

Soft Target 6 (Cappella Palatina, Sicily, 1132 AD), 2017. 
Hand-dyed fabric, 41 in. x 41 in.

In Soft Target 6, a traditional target pattern of concentric circles is overlaid with an unusual grid of eight-pointed stars from the royal chapel of the Norman Kings of Sicily, in Palermo. The Chapel’s ceiling combines Byzantine art and architecture with elements inspired by Arabic and Islamic design.

Soft Target 6

Soft Target 5 (Kharraqan, Iran, 1067 AD), 2016. Hand-dyed fabric, 36 in. x 36 in.

The hard-edge shapes that criss-cross Soft Target 5 are based on an Islamic geometric pattern found on two towers built in Kharraqan, Iran in the 11th century.

Soft Target 5

Fractured Target, 2016. Colored pencil, pencil and ink on paper, 12 in. x 12 in.

 Fractured Target

Soft Target 4 (Herat, Afghanistan, 1200 AD), 2016.
Hand-dyed fabric, wooden stakes, twine. 60 in. width x 60 in. depth x 24 in. height

Soft Target 4 incorporates geometric patterns from The Great Mosque of Herat, Afghanistan. The target was installed horizontal to the ground in Glen Park Canyon, San Francisco, as if one could land on it from a great height.

Soft Target 4b
Soft Target 4a

Soft Target 3 (Lacawac Lake Trail), 2016. Custom printed fabric and canvas. 42 in. width x 42 in. height

The custom-printed fabric in Soft Target 3 is based on an Islamic tile pattern found in The Alhambra, Spain (14th century). The work is shown here installed at Lacawac Sanctuary, Pennsylvania.

Soft Target 3a
Soft Target 3b
Soft Target 3b

Soft Target 2, 2015. Custom printed fabric, canvas, and foam. 38 in. diameter x 3 in. height

Soft Target 2 acted like a cushion, as if to catch a missile. The design incorporates an interlocking tile pattern found in The Alhambra, but with colors from “Woodland” and “Desert Pattern” US military camouflage. The work is shown here in Glen Park Canyon, San Francisco.

Soft Target 2b
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